About the ignition angle of the TOYAN V8 gasoline engine distributor

Part 1: Connection of CDI Signal Lines

Step 1:

  1. The battery used is a 2S 7.4V lithium battery.
  2. Begin by finding a sleeve on the power distributor and place the main line and grounding wire inside the sleeve.
  3. Take a magnet, ensuring the small triangle faces downwards, and check if the CDI can function properly.
  4. When the Hall sensor moves over the magnet and electricity is released, it indicates that the CDI can work normally.
  5. Repeat the above actions to check the next CDI unit.
  6. Ensure that the positive and negative poles of the input terminal are not reversed.
  7. Hall sensors have north and south poles. If the Hall sensor does not discharge, turn the magnetic north and south poles and try again.
  8. Once all checks are completed and there are no issues with the CDI, set the CDI aside.

Step 2: Checking Engine Timing

  1. There are three marked points, all pointing downwards, indicating correct timing.
  2. The crankshaft point is downwards, and the camshaft has two points pointing downwards.
  3. Keep the three points stationary and in alignment.
  4. Next, connect the power distributor.
  5. The power distributor has left and right parts, ensure the one with a notch is installed correctly.

Part 2: Installing the Power Distributor

  1. The power distributor has left and right sides. Distinguish the left and right sides clearly when disassembling it.
  2. Take a Hall wire that corresponds to the Hall sensor’s installation location.
  3. Insert the Hall wire with the small triangle facing the magnet and push it in fully to the bottom.
  4. Repeat the process for the right power distributor.
  5. Once both left and right power distributors are installed, ensure the left side faces up left, and the right side faces up right.
  6. Install the distributor holder onto the engine following the instructions in the provided picture manual.

Part 3: Installing the Power Distributor

  1. Ensure the power distributor is installed with the method point on the left facing upwards.
  2. Repeat for the right side.
  3. Once both left and right power distributors are installed, ensure one is facing up left, and the other is facing up right.
  4. Install the distributor holder.

Part 4: Adjusting the Oil Needle

  1. Begin by adjusting the main oil needle. Turn it all the way clockwise, and then back out two and a half turns counterclockwise.
  2. Adjust the auxiliary oil needle by fully opening the throttle, with the distance between the auxiliary oil needle and the fuel injector at approximately 1mm.
  3. Connect the oil pipe and use a gasoline-to-engine oil ratio of 20:1.
  4. Start the model engine, adjusting the high speed by slightly increasing the throttle.
  5. Open the main oil needle further if necessary, ensuring it’s not fully open.
  6. Once the engine starts, open the fuel valve and check that the high speed is working properly.

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